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News- Connecticut

    • Kendra McQuilton, the Chief Executive Officer of The ECG Group, has been appointed to the board of Connecticut's Renewable Energy Efficiency Business Association, Inc. (REEBA).
    • REEBA’s mission is to promote the distribution of renewable energy and energy efficiency, giving their members a platform to share information and resources in the clean energy industry and advocating for renewable energy legislation.  REEBA is a growing organization with over 100 members in the clean energy development and businesses within the Connecticut region. REEBA’s goal is to stimulate business and legislation for energy efficient businesses, renewable policy implementation and regulation with government agencies and providing its members with latest developments and technologies in green energy." )

  • New CCM programs to help manage energy costs
    As local government leaders are well aware, electricity bills take a big bite out of a municipal budget. CCM has been a proactive partner in offering ways to lighten the load of energy bills and put more savings back into communities
  • ECG’s client, the Town and SD of Cheshire, CT, enjoys positive PR as a result of its EPC initiative.
    The Town Council approved entering into a $10.2 million energy and cost savings performance contract Tuesday night.
  • Monroe school buildings could get energy efficiency upgrades with no direct cost to the Board of Education
  • Honeywell, working with ECG Engineering, could receive a contract to make energy efficiency improvements to the buildings, such as new or altered lighting, boilers, windows, pipe insulation, control systems, computer power management and motors.
  • Thomaston Moves Forward With Energy Audit
    After months of reviewing proposals from 3 energy firms, ECG Engineering was unanimously selected by the Thomaston, CT Board of Selectmen to guide the Town through an Energy Performance Contract.
    March 24, 2011 (PDF)